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vCAC Error Connecting to vCO API - Fixed

I had a problem where my vCAC environment could no longer talk to my vCO APIs. I constantly have to turn off vCAC and bring it back up because of resource constraints in my home lab. For some reason I just thought the services weren't coming up and I realized no amount of reboots were going to fix it.


The error was:


You cannot perform that action because the system cannot connect to the provider at https://vcac-appliance.kendrickcoleman.c0m:8281/vco/api/.


A quick google search led me to this VMTN article Error in vCAC6.0.1 connecting vCO that got me on the right track. Steve Beaver's solution didn't solve my issue, but it's a safe assumption that if you have followed my mulit-part series on vCAC, then you may end up running into this as well.


The Error:


So if you experience this issue follow these steps:

  1. SSH into the vCAC Appliance.
  2. Log in as root with ssh myappliance.mycompany.local -l root
  3. type service vco-configurator start
  4. Go to your vCO login page at https://vcac-appliance.mycopmany.local:8283/ (in my case https://vcac-appliance.kendrickcoleman.c0m:8283/)
  5. Login with the username vmware and whatever password was used during initial configuration. How To Install vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) 6.0 - Part 7 - Setup vCO, Endpoints, and Advanced Services
  6. Now you will see that we have some red boxes because of licensing
  7. Go to the Licenses portion
  8. Either direct it towards an existing vCenter instance or just put in a vCenter License key. Click Save and you should see green checkmarks
  9. I rebooted both the IaaS and Appliance servers and now the vCO service is working.


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