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Automating vCloud Director Organization VDCs with Ruby

I filed this under rails projects, but it's really just some ruby code...


I set a goal for myself to become familiar with the vCloud Director APIs using REST. Mainly to see how long it would take me to automate my first task and prove to myself I can do it. Well, I'm pleased to say that it's alot easier than I thought. I had a new vCloud Director instance installed on Monday, and by Wednesday morning I was just finishing up my code. So within 2 days I was doing some automation tasks and it really wasn't that hard. It gave me a chance to work directly with the API using the rest-client and nokogiri gems. A total of 200+ lines of ruby code all together


1st: NewOrg.rb
This will create a new Organization based on the parameters specified in the XML. Relies on the new_org.xml.

2nd. NewOrgVDCandServices.rb (not completely working)
This will create a new Organization VDC based on parameters specified at the beginning of the Script. It also uses 3 XML files for the POST input parameters. After the Organization vDC is created, then deploy a vShield Edge Gateway appliance to the newly created OrgVDC. Wait 120 seconds after deployment, then configure 2 new services are created on the Gateway appliance:

  1. A default firewall rule to allow all internal traffic to pass to anything external
  2. A SNAT rule to allow internal traffic to speak on a NATed address externally.


These two services are created 99% of the time and it's a PITA to do it manually when creating new Org vDCs the first time.

The code is about 95% of the way there, but comes with a slight issue. The Organization vDC gets created, but there is a problem deploying the Edge Gateway. An error is thrown during POST because the message says the vCloud IP start and end ranges are outside of the external network sub-pool. Which I can't figure out!!! All of the IPs specified in the code are inside of the external network range. I even found two different API calls for the same resource to make sure I was using the correct once. I have no idea why it's throwing out this error. PLEASE HELP OUT if you can because I would like to make this a fully functioning script.


All the code is on my github repository.

but I'll throw the NewOrgVDCandServices.rb one below for fun.


require 'rubygems'
require 'rest-client'
require 'nokogiri'
require 'rexml/document'
include REXML

@username = 'administrator@System' #this requires the administrator of vCD system, not of individual Orgs
@password = 'mysecretpw'
@vcd = 'https://vcd-cell01.kendrickcoleman.c0m' #need your vcloud ip
@organization = 'internal' #this is the organization where the new org vdc will be created
@orgvdc = 'heydude' #what do you want your new organization vDC to be called?
@pvdc = 'ShuttleHosts' #what's the name of your PvDC?
@ext_networks = '50 VLAN' #only choose 1 external network at this time. haven't tested multiple yet
@storage_profile = '*' #this chooses all, or specify a specific storage profile
@network_pool = 'VCD-NI' #this can be a VXLAN network too
@vshield_edge_name = 'ruby_test' #a name for the vshield edge gateway
@vcloud_gateway = '' #the address for the external side for vshield
@vcloud_gateway_netmask = ''
@vcloud_ip_range_start = '' #for NAT and load balancers
@vcloud_ip_range_end = '' #for NAT and load balancers

def vcd_session(vcd, username, password)
  #create a api call to open a session and hold the x_cloud_authorization token
  vcd_session_link = + '/api/sessions', username, password )
  vcd_session_response ={'Accept' => 'application/*+xml;version=5.5'})
  myvar = 'x_vcloud_authorization'
  @mysession = vcd_session_response.headers[myvar.to_sym]

def get_org(organization)
  #this will grab the Organization ID
  org_doc = Nokogiri::XML(RestClient.get(@vcd + '/api/org', :accept => 'application/*+xml;version=5.5', :x_vcloud_authorization => @mysession))
  orgs = org_doc.css('OrgList Org')
    orgs.each do |org|
        if org['name'] == organization
          @organization_id = org['href'].gsub(/.*\/org\//, "")
  #this will grab the Organization href from the admin login
  vcd_org_admin_doc = Nokogiri::XML(RestClient.get(@vcd + '/api/admin/org/' + @organization_id, :accept => 'application/*+xml;version=5.5', :x_vcloud_authorization => @mysession))
  admin_org = vcd_org_admin_doc.css('AdminOrg Link')
    admin_org.each do |item|
        if item['type'] == 'application/vnd.vmware.admin.createVdcParams+xml'
          @organization_admin_href = item['href']

def get_pvdc(pvdc)
  #this grabs the Provider VDC href and the ID
  pvdc_doc = Nokogiri::XML(RestClient.get(@vcd + '/api/admin', :accept => 'application/*+xml;version=5.5', :x_vcloud_authorization => @mysession))
    all_pvdcs = pvdc_doc.css('ProviderVdcReferences ProviderVdcReference')
    all_pvdcs.each do |apvdc|
          if apvdc['name'] == pvdc
            @pvdc_href = apvdc['href']
            @pvdc_id = apvdc['href'].gsub(/.*\//, "")

def get_storage_profile_and_networks(pvdc_href, storage_profile, ext_networks, network_pool)
  #grabbing storage profile href
  doc = Nokogiri::XML(RestClient.get(@pvdc_href, :accept => 'application/*+xml;version=5.5', :x_vcloud_authorization => @mysession))
    doc_storage_profile = doc.css('StorageProfiles ProviderVdcStorageProfile')
    doc_storage_profile.each do |sp|
          if sp['name'] == storage_profile
            @storage_profile_href = sp['href']#.gsub(/.*\//, "")
  #grabbing external network href
  doc_external_networks = doc.css('AvailableNetworks Network')
    doc_external_networks.each do |network|
          if network['name'] == ext_networks
            @external_networks_href = network['href']#.gsub(/.*\//, "")
    puts @external_networks_href
  #grabbing the network pool href
  doc_network_pool = doc.css('NetworkPoolReferences NetworkPoolReference')
    doc_network_pool.each do |netpool|
          if netpool['name'] == network_pool
            @network_pool_href = netpool['href']#.gsub(/.*\//, "")

def create_orgvdc(orgvdc, storage_profile_href, network_pool_href, pvdc, pvdc_href, organization_admin_href)
  #this is changing the xml file for the paramters we have chosen
  xmlfile = 'new_orgvdc.xml'
  xmldoc = Nokogiri::XML(
  namecss = xmldoc.at_css("CreateVdcParams")
  namecss['name'] = orgvdc
  storage_profilecss = xmldoc.at_css("ProviderVdcStorageProfile")
  storage_profilecss["href"] = storage_profile_href
  networkpoolcss = xmldoc.at_css("NetworkPoolReference")
  networkpoolcss['href'] = network_pool_href
  pvdc_css = xmldoc.at_css("ProviderVdcReference")
  pvdc_css["name"] = pvdc
  pvdc_css["href"] = pvdc_href, 'w') {|f| f.write(xmldoc.to_xml) }
  #this is creating the Org VDC...finally
  xml =
  vcd_new_org_vdc =, xml, :content_type => 'application/vnd.vmware.admin.createVdcParams+xml', :accept => 'application/*+xml;version=5.5', :x_vcloud_authorization => @mysession)
  #grabbing the newly created Organization VDCs href for deploying the vShield Edge
  gethttp = 'location'
  @org_vdc_http = vcd_new_org_vdc.headers[gethttp.to_sym]
  @new_org_vdc_body = vcd_new_org_vdc.body
  puts @org_vdc_http

def create_edge(vcd, pvdc_id, ext_networks, new_org_vdc_body, vshield_edge_name, vcloud_gateway, vcloud_gateway_netmask, vcloud_ip_range_start, vcloud_ip_range_end, organization_admin_href)
  #this is redundant and not sure if it's necessary. but this grabs the External networks href but through the extension API call
  edge_external_network_doc = Nokogiri::XML(RestClient.get(@vcd + '/api/admin/extension/providervdc/' + pvdc_id, :accept => 'application/*+xml;version=5.5', :x_vcloud_authorization => @mysession)).remove_namespaces!
   doc_edge_external_network = edge_external_network_doc.xpath('//Network')
    doc_edge_external_network.each do |f|
          if f['name'] == ext_networks
            @edge_external_network_href = f['href']
  puts @edge_external_network_href
  #grabs the href to deploy the vShield Edge appliance for our newly created Org VDC
  edge_doc = Nokogiri::XML(new_org_vdc_body)
    doc_vshield_edge = edge_doc.css('AdminVdc Link')
    doc_vshield_edge.each do |link|
          if link['type'] == 'application/vnd.vmware.admin.edgeGateway+xml'
            @vshield_edge_href = link['href']#.gsub(/.*\//, "")
  puts @vshield_edge_href
  #changes the XML file for our specific parameters
  xmlfile = 'new_vshield_edge.xml'
  xmldoc = Nokogiri::XML(
  namecss = xmldoc.at_css("EdgeGateway")
  namecss['name'] = vshield_edge_name
  network_css = xmldoc.at_css("Network")
  network_css["name"] = ext_networks
  network_css["href"] = @edge_external_network_href
  vcloud_gateway_css = xmldoc.at_css("Gateway")
  vcloud_gateway_css.content = vcloud_gateway
  vcloud_netmask_css = xmldoc.at_css("Netmask")
  vcloud_netmask_css.content = vcloud_gateway_netmask
  vcloud_ip_start_css = xmldoc.at_css("StartAddress")
  vcloud_ip_start_css.content = vcloud_ip_range_start
  vcloud_ip_end_css = xmldoc.at_css("EndAddress")
  vcloud_ip_end_css.content = vcloud_ip_range_end, 'w') {|f| f.write(xmldoc.to_xml) }
  #this is SUPPOSED to create the new vShield Edge. But I'm getting a 400 error response code
  #error message says the vcloud ip start and end ranges are outside of the external network sub-pool. WHICH IT ISN'T! WTF!?
  #so this is where the whole script fails
  xml ='new_vshield_edge.xml')
  deploy_new_edge =, xml, :content_type => 'application/vnd.vmware.admin.edgeGateway+xml', :accept => 'application/*+xml;version=5.5', :x_vcloud_authorization => @mysession)
  #untested.Wait 120 seconds for the Edge to be deployed
  i = 120
    puts "Creating Edge Gateway. Waiting for " + i + " seconds."
    wait 10
    i -= 10
  end while i > 0
  #untested. Grab the href for the vShield Gateway services for the newly created Gateway
  edge_services_doc = Nokogiri::XML(@deploy_new_edge.body)
    doc_vshield_edge_services = edge_services_doc.css('EdgeGateway Link')
    doc_vshield_edge_services.each do |link|
          if link['type'] == 'application/vnd.vmware.admin.edgeGatewayServiceConfiguration+xml'
            @vshield_edge_services_href = link['href']#.gsub(/.*\//, "")
  #untested. Change the interface href for the SNAT service
  xmlfile_services = 'new_vshield_edge_services.xml'
  xmldoc_services = Nokogiri::XML(
  interfacecss = xmldoc_services.at_css("Interface")
  namecss['href'] = @edge_external_network_href, 'w') {|f| f.write(xmldoc_services.to_xml) }
  #untested. Post the new services
  xml_services =
  deploy_new_edge =, xml_services, :content_type => 'application/vnd.vmware.admin.edgeGatewayServiceConfiguration+xml', :accept => 'application/*+xml;version=5.5', :x_vcloud_authorization => @mysession)

#login and create a session token
vcd_session(@vcd, @username, @password)

#find the Orgniazation where this Org VDC will be deployed to

#find the Provider vDC to consume resources from

#find the storage profile, external networks, and network pool to be used with the Org VDC
get_storage_profile_and_networks(@pcdv_href, @storage_profile, @ext_networks, @network_pool)

#lets finally create the Org VDC. This works great.
create_orgvdc(@orgvdc, @storage_profile_href, @network_pool_href, @pvdc, @pvdc_href, @organization_admin_href)

#this will create a vShield Gateway appliance for the Org VDC and create 2 default services
#first service will put an IP address on the SNAT so you can talk externally
#second service will create a default firewall rule to allow communication from internal->external but not external->!internal
#this doesnt' work yet. It keeps throwing sub-pool errors even though we are specifying IPs in the external network pool.
#hopefully someone at VMware can figure out why because I'm stumped.
create_edge(@vcd, @pvdc_id, @ext_networks, @new_org_vdc_body, @vshield_edge_name, @vcloud_gateway, @vcloud_gateway_netmask, @vcloud_ip_range_start, @vcloud_ip_range_end, @organization_admin_href)

puts "Your Organization vDC has been successfully created"


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