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How to setup your Mac with VMware Fusion, Vagrant, and boot2docker

Yesterday I had some fun getting Vagrant + boot2docker working on my mac with VMware Fusion. It really wasn't all that hard but some people have had some issues so I'll document my steps. I chose to use VMware Fusion instead of VirtualBox for Vagrant because I don't need 2 products that essentially do the same thing. At the same time, Fusion has reported better consistency with experience and performance time and time again.


1. Install Vagrant

  • Go to the Vagrant Website downloads and install the vagrant package. That should have been relatively simple


2. Create a Vagrant directory

  • I created a Vagrant directory under my Documents folder. /Users/kcoleman/Documents/Vagrant
  • You will use this directory to place vagrant files



3. Buy the vSphere Vagrant Plugin License

  • Yeah, VirtualBox sucks and I would rather pay the $80 convienance fee. So purchase your .lic
  • Place the .lic in the Vagrant folder from step 2


4. Install the Vagrant vSphere Provider and your license

  • Open up the Terminal app on your mac
  • vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-fusion


  • vagrant plugin license vagrant-vmware-fusion /Users/*yourname*/Documents/Vagrant/license.lic


5. Create a a directory called boot2docker inside of the Vagrant directory

  • the folder structure should be /Users/*yourname*/Documents/Vagrant/boot2docker


6. Within the terminal, change to your boot2docker directory and run the following init and then vagrant up. We are using mitchellh's repo

  • vagrant init mitchellh/boot2docker


  • vagrant up


7. Now we can ssh into our boot2docker box from this directory

  • vagrant ssh


This is running boot2socker v0.8. The latest is v 1.1.2. But the gist of it hasn't changed. Hopefully mitchellh will update he repo soon to use the latest. ISO Build file says it should be using v1.1.1 but boot2docker v0.8 is loading. I haven't taken the time to explore a fix.


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