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LEAP YEAR GIVEAWAY: VMware View on Vblock Starter Kit!

It's time for another grand giveaway from! I have more gear and swag this time so get ready to cast your entry.


First off, THANK YOU, the readers of my blog. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have the sponsorships and the will to continuously put out new stuff. Second, Thank you TrainSignal for your support and for donating some of the best content around. If you don't win the contest, you should be purchasing TrainSignal Training DVDs anyway because the content is just unreal and it comes from amazing smart people.

THE WINNER - Robert Peddle

Thanks everyone that entered!


The Rules: The contest will run from 2-6-2012 and ending 2-29-2012 at 12:00PM EST. 29th is crazy because it's a leap year and you don't get paid to work that extra day, so you might as well win some free stuff :) . You must be a resident of the planet Earth. That's right, anyone around the world is eligible to win, I'll ship this stuff to Mumbai. When you put in your entry, you MUST use a VALID FULL NAME with EMAIL ADDRESS. I have to be able to get in contact with the winner. If the winner doesn't respond within 72 hours, a new winner will be drawn. Only one entry per person, please be respectful.


How To Enter: At the bottom of this web page there is a Disqus comment system. All you have to do is put in a comment. It can be something like "TrainSignal and Vblocks rule!" or "Thanks for the giveaway, pick my freebie wanting butt!". I don't care what you write, but just leave a comment. Make sure you use a valid email address (that will be hidden publicly, but I can see it.) If Disqus gives you any problems, simply send an email to kendrickcoleman [@] gmail d0t com and I'll add your entry. Only one entry per person, please.

What do you win: This is a VMware View on Vblock Starter kit. So you are going to win some amazing TrainSignal Training DVDs, along with a bunch of awesome VCE swag, and some VMware posters that were only given to VMware vExperts! These DVDs feature David Davis, Elias Khnaser, Brian Knudtson, Lane Leverett, and Jason Nash, some of the best dudes in the industry. Some limited edition VCE swag only available to some internal people and booth exhibitors. Awesome posters that I can't keep because my wife won't let me hang them up, so my loss is your gain. Sorry, no actual Vblock is being given away, but perhaps one day.


Here's the whole package!


TrainSignal DVDs:

VMware View 5 Essentials, vSphere 5 Training, and the brand new Implementing Cisco UCS Training. That's almost over 120+ hours of training content!!


vSphere Management with PowerCLI 5.0 Poster


VMware ESXi 5.0 Reference Poster


A VCE Branded Little Black Book for Meeting Notes


A Vblock Laptop Sticker


Newly debuted VCE beanie from Cisco Live that will keep you warm when you walk in your datacenter


2 VCE Beer Coozies so you can toast with a friend when you get your Vblock delivered


4GB VCE USB Key for storing cool Vblock Visios


And a short sleeve VCE branded button down shirt (size M) so you can look good going to meetings


Here's the whole package once again!! Enter Now!




**UPDATE 2/25/12** One more addition! Old School VMware logo backpack, brand new!

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