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How to Change Ownership (chown) of an OpenFiler NFS Share between Cells in vCloud Director

I'm building out a new vCloud environment and I'm building it on a block only Vblock. That means the array doesn't have NFS capabilities to present out. I had to be creative and I figured creating an OpenFiler VM would be easy. You need to have a NFS share created that all cells can access because that's where transfers happen. Read about that more at Chris Colottis blog Gotcha: vCloud Director Clone Wars Part 1 (Overview)


I'm not going to teach you how to create a NFS share on an OpenFiler VM because that's been done before. Read here Configure NFS shares in Openfiler for your vSphere homelab


I eat my own dog food and follow my own how-to's and when I got to Step 9 in How To Install VMware vCloud Director 1.5 From Beginning to End about setting permissions on the NFS share, I ran into an issue. When trying to change the ownership with my usual chown -r "vcloud:vcloud" transfer/ , it said the operation was not permitted, even though I was root.


I searched around thinking there has to be a force command but there isn't. Then I went through the OpenFiler VM, went to the NFS share and explored around. The NFS share was set as RW. The UID/GID maping by default is set at root_squash. I went ahead and changed that to no_root_squash.



After clicking save, then going back into my cell, running the command once again, the ownership was able to change.



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