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Free VCE Training for all VCE Certified Partners

I got an email today that talks about some of the Partner News going on in the VCE Community. The big part was that there is a new series on the Vblock 700LX which uses the VMAXe as part of the platform. VCE is continuing to expand its options for customers using everything we can out of VMware, Cisco, and EMC to build the best solutions possible. I navigated to the homepage where the courses are listed and saw some really cool stuff.


So if you are a VCE Certified Partner, EMC Employee, or VCE Employee, go ahead and login to EMC's Powerlink site and go to




Once you are logged in, click the View Details button under Advanced Topics.


There are a mix of Technical vs Sales related courses. I am more focused on the tech side so here are the free courses available to you:

Overview of the Vblock Series 700LX - Compelling reason why Partners should collaborate with VCE - and Customer Success Stories with 700LX

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